Barnabas' Place Counseling Center

Our Purpose

Watching the collapse of a nation in the midst of a civil war while standing on the border all alone, my wife and I vowed at that time that no one in the ministry should ever again have to experience a loss like that. Without the support of friends, family, and professional care givers, and with no money in hand, we felt totally forgotten and alone. We were wounded and needed a listening ear.

When one feels that they are alone, and you feel that no one understands, many people, including missionaries and clergy have given up on their ministerial calling and sometimes their God. As an administrative missionary and pastor, we lost good people from the ministry just because there was no one there at the time to help in the healing process. We watched this at home and abroad and felt we must do something to change the tide of loss. Looking and finding few places available and at a cost that was reasonable, we decided to open Barnabas’ Place and give encouragement and help in ways few know and understand.

We have been there and we know that there is a God who sees, and we know that there are people who care. In the Book of Acts, Barnabas encouraged his brothers and sisters in various demonstrations of concern and earned the name, “Son of Encouragement.” As we visited Barnabas’ tomb in  Cyprus, we knew that Barnabas may have passed, but the nature of his character and his love for the believers should never pass or change. So, in that same vein of purpose and resolve, we are endeavoring to reach out to ministry personnel and assist in the healing process that God is trying to accomplish in each person’s life. We will listen and we will share. We will look and we will advise. We will pray and we will find new revelations of God’s grace and love.

We practice Christ-centered, evidence-based Christian counseling in a non-threatening environment that enhances the restoration of both body and soul.

Meet the Tilleys

We met at Northwestern University years ago and were married in 1975. We both felt a missionary call on our lives and wanted to gain the education and experience to implement that call. I took the psychological and theological aspect of ministry and Judy took the medical caring-coaching side.

We first served in college ministry and then took our first assignment in Japan. It was a “practicum” in missions and from there we went to the Middle East to live out our calling. We had the distinct opportunity to use our God-given skills to minister to those needing help and salvation for over 40 years.

We also had the distinction of having been arrested, deported, tried as spies, and rescued by the Marines. However, God was faithful and we have lived to tell the stories. We have two boys, Robert who serves as an Air Force Chaplain and Jason, who is an ER medical doctor. We have three grandchildren, and two lovely daughters-in-law. We feel blessed that God has allowed us to enter into people’s lives and serve as a help in their physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness. We want to do nothing more than to live and die as Christ ordained us to be.


Rodney Tilley is a licensed professional counselor and a licensed pastoral counselor with AACC and a licensed counselor in the State of Arkansas. He earned his Masters from Northwestern State University and has worked in the areas of mental health counseling, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and pastoral counseling. He is a member of NAADAC and AACC and is listed in the Christian Care Network.

Judy Tilley is a Licensed Practical Nurse in the State of Arkansas and is a Board Certified Christian Life Coach with AACC. She has worked in many overseas and stateside assignments.


The story behind the name

The story behind the name

Barnabas’ Place is named after Jesus’ disciple, Barnabas, the “Son of Encouragement.” Barnabas was from the Island of Cyprus. Today you can still visit his tomb and a monastery named in honor of him. Located in the historical ruins of Salamis you can visit the hometown of Salamis as you scramble over the various archaeological ruins dating to the time of Christ. It was here that Paul and Barnabas went on their first missionary journey. Later Barnabas returned to Cyprus to continue his ministry and was stoned to death by his fellow Jews and was thrown into the sea. 

Barnabas’ Place is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit religious charity and is entitled to all the rights and privileges thus entailed. Offerings given to the ministry are tax deductible and can be designated to general operations or to the scholarship fund that enables pastors and missionaries to come with minimal expense.

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